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luxor archaeological discovery

luxor archaeological discovery this century

this month the Egyptian Luxor team found a secret room, nowadays the Egyptians Discovered THE COFFINS OF THEIR ANCESTORS

THE SPECIFIC LOCATION of new discovery is

on the west bank of the Nile river of Luxor city

two hundred meters from the temple of queen  Hatshepsut temple, all the mummies for priests male and female for god Amun of the sun and god khonsu of the moon, this discovery is hard to happen . all in total 30 mummies in tow row  .vertical row 18 mummies .horizontal row 12 mummies.above each other .rare position .its said all of same made at same studio because same material and same touch of art.

the color still bright which made of stone powder and yolk and wax which why all have wax brilliant illuminating  color

all of them dates back to 21 dynasty

all the mummies collected during the 22 dynasty in order to avoid the tomb robbers

ancient Egyptian say no mummy no eternal life