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king ramses 2 and daughter

king ramses 2 and daughter

 famous pharaoh king Ramses 2 and daughter in ancient Egypt, and Nefertari is the most loved and favorite of among his wives.

Nefertari, in Egyptian, means the most beautiful in the country. She is the first queen of Ramses II.

Nefertari and Ramses II were married before the succession.

  • When Ramses II loved her, he also gave her a non-existent right. She was regarded as a living god.

Ramses II has more than fifty wives during his own life. But the most beloved one is  Nefertari. I heard that the Queen is the most beautiful woman in ancient Egypt: she has jewel-like eyes, charming face, full of enchanting appearance. Ramses II made a lotus pond outside her palace. The lotus pond is the most famous and most expensive blue lotus. The blue lotus is open day by day and closed at night. Nefertari, she ordered the maid to pick up the newly opened petals during the day, add lavender, smash it to get its juice liquid, and spread it. This makes her skin soft and smooth,

The most beautiful woman in ancient Egypt was sick. after died. Ramses II was very sad, built a temple for her, and buried her at grand burial in the Valley of the Queens.

Ramses II can’t forget his lover Nefertari.

  • Their eldest daughter grew up, and she was like her mother, like the shadow of Nefertari. In ancient Egypt, in order to maintain the purity of blood, people in the ancient Egyptian royal palace have a tradition of marriage to close relatives.

Ramses II engraved on the tombstone of his beloved queen, Nefertari, to express his love for her: You are the most beautiful in the world, no one can replace it. When you walked past me quietly, I took my heart away. your beauty doesn’t appear so the sun rays don’t appear.