Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque

Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque in Cairo

the Interior of Mohammed Ali Alabaster Mosque in Cairo
Situated on the summit of the citadel, this Ottoman mosque,

the largest to be built in the first half of the 19th century, is, with its animated silhouette and twin minarets, the most visible mosque in Cairo.

The mosque was built in memory of Tusun Pasha, Muhammad Ali’s oldest son, who died in 1816.
The mosque was built on the site of old Mamluk buildings in Cairo’s Citadel between 1830 and 1848,

although not completed until the reign of Said Pasha in 1857. The architect was Yusuf Bushnak from Istanbul and its model was the Yeni Mosque in that city. The ground on which the mosque was erected was built with debris from the earlier buildings of the Citadel.

the Muhammad Ali  ALABASTER Mosque is an Ottoman Mosque, found at the highest of the castle salah el din,
and it’s the most important mosque that was built in the primary 1/2 of the nineteenth century, and it shows an animated picture and skyscraper in Cairo.
that mosque was established to commemorate Tusun Pasha, one of the sons of Muhammad Ali who dead in 1816.
the Muhammad Ali  ALABASTER Mosque was built between 1830 and 1848 at the traditional Mamluk construction site at Cairo Citadel,
although it absolutely was not until the reign of Saeed Pasha in 1857 that t,
The architect was excellent Youssef Bushnaq, his model may be a Yeni mosque therein city. The land on which the mosque was built was ESTABLISHED  from the ruins of the old buildings of the castle