new york coronavirus

The number of confirmed COVID-19s in new york is increasing rapidly

the CDC warned that the United States should prepare for a domestic coronavirus outbreak throughout the next days.

nowadays at least 244,228 testers in newyork Washington, Washington, DC, and every state in the four regions.

More than 1 million COVID-19 cases are reported in 172 countries worldwide.

To date, at least 53,000 people have died last March. The World Health Organization officially announced the outbreak of the COVID-19,

and President Trump announced a national emergency. nowadays more than 6,200 American patients died of the virus.

So far, we have all the information about the spread of the virus in the United States.

At the beginning of April, at least 244,228 confirmed people in COVID-19 in the United States and at least 6,257 viral cases died, with more than 1,000 deaths reported. However,

officials warn that due to testing delays in many areas, the total number of people infected may increase. In recent weeks, as many states have expanded their testing capabilities,

the rate of diagnostics has improved considerably.

Thousands of new patients are announced daily in actively testing in the state of New York. However,

the New York Times reports that there are still significant differences in the inter-state test rates.

New York has been the largest epidemic in the country, with at least 92,760 confirmed people and 2,653 deaths.

New Jersey and California and Michigan are one of the most virus-affected states. Washington State is the first country to receive a case confirmation.

The virus died from 37 viruses related to the COVID-19 outbreak at a life-care center in Kirkland, Washington.

The sudden increase in confirmed COVID-19 patients last week in Louisiana may have been suspected by experts in connection with festivals and celebrations.