ramadan coronavirus

This Ramadan is connected with  coronavirus in  2020 will be different? especially for Ramadan cuisine.

Muslims celebrating Ramadan will spend several weeks preparing for the ingredients they need for traditional meals during the holy Ramadan.

In the Middle East, due to traditional cuisine and special decorations in stores, Ramadan lanterns are everywhere and on every street, and residents decorate the house with some star and crescent decorations to celebrate the beginning of this sacred month.

This year, some countries imposed sieges, and working hours decreased,
and many Muslims are preparing for Ramadan as usual: for example,
The Egyptian government-imposed siege for some hours a day

Many stores had food shortages. Some store owners also limit the number of products for each customer can purchase so that everyone can meet their needs especially the unique agricultural products, like nuts and dates.seasonal dishes.

The new measures to deal with this epidemic during Ramadan coronavirus are reducing staff and reducing stocks.

most bakeries, restaurants, and craft sellers, independent companies and market sellers get the hardest hit by the epidemic.