spain coronavirus death cases

Since Spain confirmed its first coronavirus death cases case, the government has assured quite 11000 deads thanks to the complexes and complications of coronavirus,
the bulk from the capital of Spain Madrid up to 4,483.
As of the identical date, the amount number of recovered patients in Spain which already registered was over the quantity of dead people,
with over 30.5 thousand patients that were able to revisit their health. The impact of the outbreak of this disease was such the worldwide stock markets were affected.
The Spanish IBEX-35 was no exception thereto,
decreasing by 2500 exchange points during the first days of March.

the spanish government 

the Spanish government said on Saturday that in response to a two-week emergency response to a surge in coronavirus infection,
Spain imposed strict restrictions on the movement of 46 million people and so the closure of restaurants and other facilities.
After the two European countries didn’t contain the virus in regional hotspots,
Spain imposed the same blockade along the Italian road.

COVID-19: background information

COVID-19 could also be a completely unique coronavirus that had not previously been identified in humans.
the primary case was detected within the Hubei province of China at the highest of December 2019.
Thousands of latest cases are being reported day after day,
and since the illness has only recently been detected, it’s not known exactly how the virus is spreading from person to person.
However, the outbreak of the SARS coronavirus, which began in 2002, is believed to possess spread via cough and sneeze droplets.