the history of Khufu pyramid(Cheops) and some facts.

the history of Khufu pyramid(Cheops) and some facts.

the history of the Khufu pyramid(Cheops) facts. Khufu is the second king of the Fourth Dynasty in ancient Egypt pharaonic history.
the owner of the great pyramid, let’s know some facts :

  • He got the power and authority after the death of his father, Senefru.
  • Khufu’s name means god Khnum who protects me.
  • he got born in one of the villages of Bani Hassan governorate.
  • the name of the village is very funny is known as the nurse of Khufu village.

pyramid of Khufu facts (king Cheops).

Khufu pyramid is one of the most important monuments all over the world.

Khufu pyramid is still a mysterious building.
how it was built is still an unanswered question and a big question mark.

the aliens built it, the slaves, the foreigners or the Egyptians or the one reading the article right now at this moment he is the one who built it.

from that time all world just asking one single question, who built and how it was built?

the history of Khufu pyramid(Cheops) and some facts.

the salves built it or no :

of course no
because4500 years ago building a pyramid it was like building a synagogue, a mosque or church or any other worshiping or holy place.
at that time more than 4500 years ago the Pharao was a holy figure sometimes known as the son of god or semi-god half person and half god.
so the pyramid is part of glorifying the holy figure, so the worship calling to the perfection.
but the slaves don’t worship the religion of the ancient Egyptians,
so the true builder should glorify the king and consider him as a holy figure,

so should ask our selves,
slaves if they like the king, should build it like that perfect but of course, the slaves don’t like him why, because slavey no leading to the perfection and the pyramid is perfect.
and no slave-like or love his lord.
so it’s away from the slaves to be the builders of the great Khufu pyramid.

the aliens built it or no:

the aliens are the true builder of the pyramid of Khufu, of course,
no, why is that !!!!
because the aliens, if they build the great pyramid, so why some Egyptian pyramid is perfect like the great pyramid and some no perfect.
so that’s leading to one point.
aliens should build all pyramids perfect, and not some good looking and some not finished.
so its also away from the aliens to be the builders of the great pyramid of Khufu or any Egyptian pyramid

the ancient Egyptians built it or no:

the ancient Egyptians are the true builder is the ancient Egyptian it’s true why that whats the evidence.

the perfection of the great pyramid telling us the builders so like and love, glorifying the pharaoh the result is that perfect pyramid.

the other evidence we found over 500 tombs for the builders of king Cheops pyramid.

a lot of wall paintings inside their tombs informing us they participate in the construction of the great pyramid.

the facial features of the builders are typical to the ancient Egyptian people.

a lot of the mummies had a lot of surgical operation scars so the king to thank them, let them be built together in the same area, just the king reward them.

and that’s reward it was the clue to tell us about the true builders.

Khufu pyramid(Cheops) facts.

  • the construction was during the flood time to solve the unemployment problem during the old kingdom.
    the king used to open the granaries to give builders the corn, and the wheat and’s considered one of the oldest ways to solve the unemployment problem of the ancient world.
  • the average weight of each stone blocks its about 2.5tons.
  • the whole weight of the Khufu pyramid is 6000000 stone blocks.
  • the land space it’s about 13 fedans.
  • all blocks needed is about two million and three hundred thoughts blocks.
  • how tall is the Khufu pyramid, the whole height of the pyramid is about 147 meters, but because of erosion nowadays it is about 137 meters?
  • Khufu pyramid inside, inside the pyramid there three burial chambers because king Khufu changed the plan of the pyramid three times all of that it was during the middle he construction of the great pyramid.
  • finally want to build as high as possible to be close to going (Ra) the god of the sun according to the ancient Egyptian cult.
  • on the top of the upper burial chamber or the main burial chamber of king Cheops, we found five stone small rooms, after a long search, discovered it’s used them to release the pressure of the heavy stone blocks of the top of the great pyramid on the main burial chamber which used for the burial of king Cheops